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  • All You Have to Know About Adopting in the US


    Adoption in the United States can be tricky because it’s a heavily regulated process on multiple levels.  Different states have different laws, there are federal laws that regulate out of country and in country adoptions, and there are even county and city laws in some cases.

    There have been a lot of advances in recent years which have allowed various adoptive parents to leverage the programs and resources available to become parents.  In addition, birth parents are able to feel safer than ever in their rights, because they are getting clearer and more direct communication from agencies, or private adoption brokers, or their adoptive family directly.

    Overall, technology has been a big boon to the adoption industry, and there are days ahead when every child can be easily seen to be matched with just the right adoptive couple.

    The time-frames for adoptive parents often surprise people.  It can take up to one year after registering with an adoption agency for an adoptive parent or parents to receive a placement of an appropriate child.  The agency a parent chooses to work with, and the state location can significantly vary this time estimate, but it’s a good rule of thumb.

    Most adoptive parents take the first step toward adoption by reaching out to an adoption agency. This is a good informational move, because even if this parent doesn’t decide to go forward with their adoption at the moment, they will be better informed in the future.

    Be aware, though, that the laws can change quickly and if a briefing session was attended more than eighteen months ago, a refresh should be undertaken.