6 Things To Keep In Mind When Preparing for Adoption

6 Things To Keep In Mind When Preparing for Adoption


The process of adoption can seem very opaque and challenging for some people, but that’s only because there are so many different avenues available to find your child.  The adoption agency format is one of those ways.

Making your adoption process as low stress and seamless as possible is one of the things the adoption agency you work with should do.  However, it has been known from time to time to happen that the agency is not staffed appropriately to give the right levels of communication to the birth and adoptive parents.

For this reason, here are some of the things that an adopting couple should expect when they are entering into the adoption system.

  1. When adopting through the US Foster Care System, the adoptive parents will reach out to an adoption agency and attend an informational orientation session.
  2. Should the agency and adoption in general seem to be a good fit, the agency will provide the parents to be with an application. This will require a great deal of information and should be filled out as completely as possible.  It will be used to approve the adoptive family.  Any questions about the application should be directed to the adoption agency.
  3. There is generally some training that follows on with the agency of choice.
  4. A home study is completed by the adoption agency. This home study evaluates the adoptive parents’ ability to serve a child, and the resources available to support the new family. It may be necessary to make home improvements in order to accommodate the new child.
  5. Approval to adopt normally takes about six months, with all of the above setps comprising the majority of the time it takes. However, there are some applications and some states where things can happen more quickly.
  6. Once an application has been accepted, it’s time to think about the child. There are families who know precisely the kind of kid they would work best with, and some who are less sure.  Working with a talented, experienced adoption counselor is one of the ways to ensure that there is a solid fit.


Author: Martin LaVore

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