martinIn Minnesota, as in many parts of America, there are people who desperately want to have a child.  For whatever reason, the biological path may be closed to them, and they may be mystified and confused about what it takes to enter into an adoption process.

The reason is simple:  the path to adoption is fraught with legislation that makes it more complex than ever to become a parent in this way.  However, most adoptive parents are able to make it through the process once they are guided with a few tips.

Adoption industry insider Martin LaVore is able to help parents in Minnesota become adopters and foster parents because he has over thirty years of experience in various aspects of the adoption program in this state.

There are different approaches that are right for each family, but Martin has found that there is always a path to parenthood that suits the couple who really wants to adopt.

Even single people are now able to enjoy the love and connection and legacy of adopting, since adoption laws have changed in recent years.  Martin keeps up with the industry and legal news around adoption and shares his experience and consultative services through Aha.mn, this blog and news site he founded in 2009.

During a Minnesota adoption, if things are not going well with the birth parents or the adoptive parents sense that there is a strange dealing afoot in the adoption agency process, Martin has been able to knowledgeably and professionally advise and occasionally even intercede on behalf of the parents.  The goal in all cases is a happy and healthy family, and Martin is proud to be able to help make that happen.