Minnesota Adoption Services

Minnesota Adoption Services

With new adoption legislation both on the federal and state level, and more and more Social Services involvement in the adoption process, there are great agencies that have come up to help parents find their child in the world.  These are some of the most respected, modern and helpful Minnesota adoption agencies.

While no agency is going to be right for every adoptive family, both the birth parents and the adoptive parents have to feel comfortable that the agency they select is not only ethical beyond reproach but also fully compliant and informed about Minnesota adoption and family laws.


The ability to understand what it is that’s legally, morally and ethically at stake when a family decides to give up their rights to their child and entrust that child to another is fairly important in an agency.  Those who run these upstanding, unique and Minnesota-focused adoption agencies are highly skilled and knowledgeable.  The information and support they can provide the players on both sides of an arranged adoption are significant.

Even if a couple is considering a private adoption, there are plenty of opportunities to leverage the abilities and skills of an agency.  Some of the agencies on this list allow for ad hoc services, like contractual review and insurance escrow, while others are only accessible to those who are using their full placement service platform.  It really depends on the design of the agency’s business model, their focus and their staff.

MN Adopt

Adoption Minnesota


Children’s Home and Family Services

God’s Agency

Bethany Christian Services

International Adoption, Inc.

Hennepin County Adoption

New Horizons Adoption

European Children Adoption Services

New Life

Summit House